How we spend your money

We think it is important for the charity to be as transparent as it can to its supporters. So here is an account of how we have spent the money raised–as well as of the amount of donated time, expertise and so on we gratefully accept.

Teaching in the delivery room

Teaching in the delivery room

As you can imagine from the rest of the website, much of the money we raise has been spent on airfares to N’Djamena for the two training visits (on average) for each of the last five years. In all the visits cost around £1500-£2000 per person each time. We spend as little as possible on the expenses of the two midwives and one interpreter who usually go to Chad, and who volunteer their time. Visa fees, insurance charges, subsistence while there, etc are of course unavoidable expenses.

We paid modest amounts for a local Arabic interpreter/fixer and for a trusted local taxi driver between the hospitals, the Health Ministry and so on. And, naturally, we don’t stay at the most expensive hotel, though the accommodation used is perfectly pleasant.

Solar powered water for Farcha hospital

Solar powered clean water for Farcha hospital

We have previously helped with the supply and installation of solar equipment to help ensure reasonable water and electricity supplies to the maternity hospitals, work which cost on average a few hundred pounds a year. We have also paid for some essential drugs for the delivery rooms, for repainting, and for medical supplies bought locally.

General running costs for SBIC are very low as we are all volunteers.They include activities such as the updating of this website, and a charge to Paypal for their services in collecting your donations.

As a registered charity we have our accounts audited regularly. Our registered UK charity number is 1115489. 

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