Get involved

There are more ways than you think to support Safer Birth in Chad (SBIC), from fundraising, to donations of computer and website expertise, translation, and medical help.

Sponsored sea swimmer on rock

A sponsored sea swim: a fund raiser reaches the top of Church Rock, Pembrokeshire, Wales!

Supporters have shown huge fundraising generosity and inventiveness, taking part in and organising sponsored swims, raffles, concerts, walks, fun runs, parties – even a speed dating event. We depend entirely on such gifts and on regular standing orders from supporters.

Our main current target is to continue the support we give to Chadian midwives, and those who train them.

Other ways to help

Donating expertise is also extremely helpful. People have approached us with a wide range of such offers, from translating (French and Arabic are especially useful), through helping with solar initiatives for maternity hospitals, sourcing laptop computers– which can be invaluable in Chad hospitals–to advice related to computing, or to the best training methods, communication ideas and so on for a country like Chad.

So, don’t feel that you have to be a midwife in order to help. Do please contact us if you think you can usefully get involved in any way, or you could make a donation right now. Please make sure you declare if you’re eligible for Gift Aid. It makes quite a difference to our finances.

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