Safer Birth in Chad

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SBIC was formed by ordinary men and women in response to a 2005 BBC TV Panorama documentary: Dead Mums Don’t Cry. Its subject was maternal mortality - mothers and babies dying in childbirth - in the Central African country of Chad. It centred on the work of senior obstetrician Dr Grace Kodindo and her colleagues as they struggled to provide a safe delivery service for mothers and babies in childbirth.

We aimed to offer practical help as part of a longer-term programme. This included support for the training of midwives, which we hoped might lead to their recognition as a profession.

Dr. Grace was made Chad’s Minister for Reproductive Health in late January 2016. Inevitably some of our focus was changed by this good news. We now do what we can to support the tiny Deo Gracias clinic in N'Djamena which Grace runs, and which she hopes can provide a model of best practice midwifery and training. Funding permitting, she aims to extend this to include obstetrics. We have scaled down our work, and our fundraising.

However, we have amassed experience and knowledge which we’d be very happy to share with others trying to make interventions in this field in Chad and elsewhere.

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